List of staff at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Washington D.C.

Last updated: 2/10/2014 // A complete list of staff at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Individuals at the Embassy can be reached by telephone, fax or e-mail:

Telephone: (202) 333-6000
Fax: (202) 469-3990

Ambassador Kåre R. Aas
Ambassador of Norway to the United States

Ms. Lajla Brandt Jakhelln
Minister (Deputy Chief of Mission and Head of Administration)

Ms. Storm Horncastle
Chief Scheduler and Personal Assistant to the Ambassador

Ms. Berit Enge
Minister Counselor

Mr. Harald W. Støren
Counselor (Defense and Security Policy)

Ms. Nini Pharo Halle
First Secretary

Mr. André Mundal
First Secretary

Ms. Juliana Baffoe
First Secretary

Mr. Sigbjørn Tenfjord
First Secretary

Mr. Kjell Erik Brekke
First Secretary

Mr. Leif Trana
Minister Counselor

Mr. Are Straume
Counselor (Science)

Mr. Ivar Engan
Counselor (Trade and Industrial Affairs)

Ms. Maryann Løcka
Counselor (Oil and Energy)

Mr. Richard Pedersen
Counselor (Fisheries)

Ms. Vedis Vik
Counselor (Environment)

Mr. Christoffer Gundersen
Student Trainee

Ms. Angela Trang Nguyen
Student Trainee

Innovation Norway Representative

Mr. Einar Gustavson
Counselor for Defence Industry Cooperation, Innovation Norway

Ms. Nina Langli
Trainee, Innovation Norway

Department of Culture, Press and Education
Ms. Linken Nymann Berryman

Minister Counselor (Press and Culture)

Mr. Kenneth Krattenmaker

Ms. Urd Milbury
Cultural and Information Officer

Ms. Kine B Hartz
Cultural and Information Officer

Ms. Marianne Hagerup Knight
Officer for Cultural and Information Affairs

Ms. Anne Charlotte Lindblom
International Education Officer

Ms. Silje Rebecca Morsman
Student Trainee

Office of the Defense Attaché
Major General Finn Kristian Hannestad

Defense Attaché

Colonel Bjørnar Lunde
Assistant Defense Attaché and Military Attaché

Colonel Helge T. Markussen
Assistant Defense Attaché and Air and Defense Cooperation Attaché

Captain Bjørn Egenberg
Assistant Defense Attaché and Naval Attaché

Major Alf Einar Johnsen
Assistant Air and Defense Cooperation Attaché

Ms. Anneli Monsrud
Senior Executive Officer

Commander Kenneth Johansen
Commanding Officer NOSU, USA

Cavalry Captain Nils Fredrik Sandquist
Administrative Officer NOSU, USA

CWO Odd Helge Bakkan
Administrative Assistant

CWO Karl Sivert Skatland
Administrative Assistant

Administration and Consular Affairs
Ms. Grethe Paulsen
Counselor (Administrative and Consular Service)

Ms. Ragnhild Wikeby
Vice Consul

Ms. Aqsa Noreen
Information Technology Executive

Ms. Sissel Bakken
Officer for Administrative and Consular Affairs

Ms. Hilde Egenberg

Ms. Kirsten Lund
Officer for Archives and Protocol Affairs

Mr. Thomas Rolstad
Administrative Officer 

Ms. Nina Vandraas Eberhart
Officer for Administrative, Consular and Economic Affairs

Ms. Beate Andersen Varrecchia
Officer for Administrative, Consular and Political Affairs

Mr. Anders Skandsen
Facility Manager

Mr. Fred Jackson
Driver and Support Staff

Mr. Isaias Marquez
Driver and Support Staff

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