Consulate General Houston - News & Events

The United States of America has many education institutions that provide high-level higher education for Americans and international students alike. In the school year of 2014/2015, almost 2000 Norwegian students were enrolled in American universities and colleges, including undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as PhDs. Read more

This Breakfast’n Learn will feature Dr. Pål Brekke, Senior Advisor at the Norwegian Space Centre. Read more

ANSA (Association of Norwegian Students Abroad) North America’s annual Careers Fair was hosted at Norway House early October. The fair gathered around 50 Norwegian students from universities and colleges all over the US (and one from Canada), who all came to hear about options for future jobs in Norway and the US. Read more

“Norway and the US: Two Closely allied Nations – Similarities and Differences” was the topic of Norwegian Professor Emeritus Ole Moen’s presentation held at Norway House last week. Read more

Mr. Paulsen and Mr. Senyard. The latter is currently in Norway, participating at Oslo Innovation Week.

TripChamp, a company that has developed a platform finding the best rates for flights, won a pitch competition in Austin last week qualifying them to participate at the event “100 pitches” at Oslo Innovation week. As winner of the pitch competition, TripChamp is considered “the Austin-based Global Tech Startup with greatest promise to scale and succeed in the European Market in 2016”. Read more

The group got to see The International Space Station Flight Control Room, which is still active and in use, and the historic Apollo Era Mission Operations Control Room Floor.

Last week, The Norwegian Consulate General in Houston had the privilege and pleasure of welcoming Deputy Minister of the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, Lars Jacob Hiim to Houston. Read more

More than 80 people attended the annual, and yet again very successful, shrimp dinner in Pasedina. The event ended with coffee and cake(s), including mouthwatering kransekake and kringle!

For more than 150 years, the Norwegian Seamen’s Church has worked to establish a feeling of belonging and safety for Norwegians abroad. The church builds bridges and provides hospitality, friendship and roots. Today, there are 106 Norwegian Seamen’s Churches worldwide, of which six are located in the US. Three of these are within the district of the Consulate General in Houston: Miami, New... Read more

Mr. Stokes explaining the technical aspects of the Alaska LNG Project in a manner that was comprehensible to everyone in the audience.

The cold north is a hot topic, and arctic activity and policy is relevant as ever before. In his opening remarks of the Lunch’n Learn event August 26, (now former) Consul General Jostein Mykletun summarized the Norwegian approach to Arctic policy as follows: “our goal is to be open, transparent and integrating – and to keep the tension low”. Mr. Edward Stokes, Project Manager for the Alaska LNG... Read more

organizes "Offshore Frontiers Roundtable" at Rice University on May 7 In cooperation with Rice University and the Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Houston, the International Energy Agency’s Gas and Oil Technologies (GOT) Initiative is organizing a Roundtable at Rice University on "Offshore Frontiers - Challenges and Responses" during the upcoming Offshore Technology Conference (OTC 2015). Read more

Hanne Kolstø. 
Photo: Hamza El Maabdi.

Representatives from the Royal Norwegian Consulate in Houston travelled to Austin, TX in March to cover some of the Norwegian music displays at the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival. With more than 2200 official performers and bands playing in more than 100 venues, SXSW Music is the largest festival of its kind in the world, providing an opportunity for Norwegian artists to reach... Read more

Photo: Quy Tran.

“Building Nanotechnology bridges between Norway and Texas” On October 13th Deputy Minister Dilek Ayhan, from the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, opened the second NorTex Nano Summit. The Summit is a direct spin-off from the Transatlantic Science Week, held in Houston in November 2012, and focuses on creating nanotechnology clusters between the participating universities fro... Read more

Photo: Kristoffer Landmark Marø.

In late August the Norwegian Honorary Consul in Mobile, Alabama, Leslie Stuart, invited the Consulate General in Houston for a visit to see the Norwegian Seamen’s Church Cemetery located in Mobile. Read more

Taiko, Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASA . 
Photo: Commander Harald Vasset .

Flag ceremony to mark operation RECSYR as accomplished as the last ship containing chemical weapons from Syria disembarked in Port Arthur, Texas. Read more

Norwegian hotshot Kyrre Gørvell-Dahl, better know as Kygo, came to Texas in June as a part of his North America summer tour. Read more

2018 SPE President Darcy Spady is the speaker for the next Lunch’n Learn scheduled for Wednesday, October 12th. Mr. Spady is Managing Director of Broadview Energy Asset Management, a subsidiary of a private, independent oil and gas producer in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada. Read more