Photo: Hamza El Maabdi.Photo: Hamza El Maabdi

"Lunch'n Learn" on more Sustainable Energy, with Professor Arne Graue

Last updated: 5/19/2015 // On May 14, the Royal Norwegian Consulate General in cooperation with NACC, Innovation Norway, and INTSOK, staged yet another succesful "Lunch'n Learn" event at Norway House.

Arne Graue, Professor of Physics and Head of the Petroleum and Process Technology Research Group at the University of Bergen in Norway, gave an excellent talk on how oil and gas in the future energy mix may be improved to contribute to a more sustainable energy production.

Professor Graue invited for a thorough and stimulating discussion on enhanced oil recovery, and how fossil energies and international projects of technology development may use captured antropogenic CO2, a greenhouse gas, to increase oil and gas production. He also emphasized the importance of maintaining a social license to operate, both due to climate concerns and a growing societal demand for more sustainable energy production.

Click here for a PDF-version of Dr.Graue's presentation.

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