The Children's Parade at the Norwegian Seamen's Church in Houston with the Consul General, Morten Paulsen, in frontThe Children's Parade at the Norwegian Seamen's Church in Houston with the Consul General, Morten Paulsen, in front

Happy Birthday, Norway!

Last updated: 5/19/2016 // On May 17, Norway celebrated its 202nd Constitution Day. In Houston, the traditional celebration at the Norwegian Seamen’s Church was held on Sunday, May 15, whereas Consul General Morten Paulsen hosted a reception at his residence the evening of May 17.

The Norwegian Seamen’s Church organizes a celebration of the Constitution Day the Sunday closest to May 17. About 700 participants took part in this year’s celebration on Sunday, May 15. With many Norwegians wearing their National Costumes (Bunad), it truly set the stage of a wonderful celebration. In good Norwegian tradition, the day included speeches, greetings from King Harald V, the national anthem, a children’s parade, hot dogs, ice cream and cake, and children’s games. The Consulate General is grateful for the hard work the Norwegian Seamen’s Church put in to host this event each year, and hope all the participants had a wonderful day at the Church.

In good tradition, the Norwegian Consul General Morten Paulsen hosted a May 17 reception at his residence. Norwegians and Americans, as well as several representatives from Houston’s Consular Corps, were gathered for the celebration. The Consul General wished the guests welcome while talking about Norwegian tradition and his own childhood memories from May 17: “Our Constitution Day is not about the military parading the streets. It is truly the Children’s Day. We celebrate our future generations which will inherit the country and its Constitution”. Furthermore, Mrs. Marianne Kroken brought the Norwegian spirit and fond images of Norwegian landscape and culture when singing “Solveig’s Sang”, in addition to both the Norwegian and the US National Anthem.

Thank you to all of the guests making this May 17 celebration successful once again, and thank you to our partners DNB and Jarlsberg for providing amazing Norwegian food on the table.

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