Pumps & Pipes: Multi-Diciplinary and International Collaboration

Last updated: 12/9/2015 // Pumps & Pipes is a multi-disciplinary association founded on core essentials such as education, communication and collaboration, focusing on innovation through transfer of knowledge across the energy, medicine and aerospace industries.


A Pumps & Pipes initiative has recently been established in Norway, supported by grants of 5 million NOK from the Norwegian Government. Saturday, December 5, marked the start of formalized collaboration between Pumps & Pipes representatives from Houston and Stavanger, with the signing of a  Letter of Intent at the residency of Consul General of Norway Mr. Morten Paulsen.

Representatives from University of Stavanger, International Research Institute of Stavanger (IRIS), Stavanger University Hospital and Greater Stavanger also attended and presented at the 9th Pumps & Pipes conference in Houston on December 7. In her presentation, Kristin Reitan Husebø, CEO of Greater Stavanger, highlighted Norway’s strengths within the energy, medicine and aerospace industries. Husebø underscored Norway’s unique position to establish and develop a Pumps & Pipes Europe based on current capabilities and through restructuring and innovation.

This marks a significant incentive to further diversify the Norwegian economy and make Norway a European Energy and Health Superpower.

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