"The Northern Railway: A Journey Across the Arctic Circle" to Air on U.S. Public Television

Last updated: 2/6/2014 // "The Northern Railway: A Journey Across the Arctic Circle," which will air on U.S. public television in early 2014, takes viewers on a remarkable day’s journey across some of Norway’s most gorgeous and inspiring scenery – a day-long, 500 mile train ride. The journey begins in Trondheim, crosses the Arctic Circle, and ends in Bodø on the sea. Along the way, viewers will see Norway in all its beauty: field, forest, mountain, fjord and sea.

Along the way, viewers learn about Norwegian history and Norway’s longest rail line, towns and villages, rivers, waterfalls and fjords, the Arctic Circle, nature and wildlife, the WWII period when the line was extended by the Nazi occupiers with slave labor, the mountains and valleys of Saltfjellet and remarkable and ever-changing variety of beautiful landscapes along the Northern Railway.

The one-hour program is drawn from the 2012 NRK real-time documentary, Nordlandsbanen Minutt for Minutt, a ten-hour celebration of Norway’s longest train trip in every season. The producers made last year’s acclaimed "A Norway Passage" and the United States versions of "A Christmas Concert from Norway."

The program will air on more than 110 public television stations and state networks across the United States. Consult local public television listings for local broadcast day and times.

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