What we need to publish an event in our calendar

Last updated: 11/8/2013 // If you have an event you would like to add to our calendar, we'd love to hear from you. Our event calendar is reserved news and events that involve Norway or Norwegians in the US in one way or another. Here is some information about what the people working with this web page need to make your entry as relevant and informative as possible.

1)      Language

Our target group is an English-speaking audience, and all text needs to be in English. Events in Norwegian are less relevant for our calendar and newsletters. If an event is in the Norwegian language, as a minimum requirement, information about this needs to be included in the calendar entry.

2)      What events are relevant for Norway.org?

The events we are looking for are located here in the US and related to Norway or Norwegians. They don’t need to be free, but they should be open for a general public or audience. We sort our events in the following categories:

-          Science & Technology

-          Policy

-          Culture (Architecture & Design, Music, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Literature, Film, Festivals & Heritage, Food, Travel)

3)      Text

Short introduction + main body. Start with what this event is about. Think of it as a first time introduction to an audience with no knowledge of your project. Be sure to include information about dates, hours, locations, city, state, ticket prize, contact information and short bios of relevant people involved. Answer the questions: what, when, where and who?

4)      Pictures, Sound and Video

High quality visual elements always create more attention. All calendar entries should include at least one photo or illustration. Due to how the web-site is formatted, pictures should always be in the landscape format. Please note: Photos and illustrations may be cropped.

It is possible to include video (e.g. movie trailers) and sound if this is provided. Video can not be used as the main illustration.

5)      Where to send the information?

For events located in Washington DC:


For events in New York City, The East Coast and the Mid West:


For events in Houston and The South:


For events in San Francisco and The West Coast:


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