Nordic brand and presence continues to grow

Last updated: 2/23/2016 // With the goal of continuing to build bridges for Nordic companies in Silicon Valley, the Network Silicon Vikings continue to grow. The network now consists of more than 30 000+ members. The network continues to be ranked as one of the most relevant networks for entrepeneurs and investors alike.



- With the goal of continuing to build bridges for Nordic companies, we continue to expand further into the Nordic market via our nodes and via participation in collaborative industry events to ensure that the Nordic-Silicon Valley link continues to grow, says excecutive director Charlotte Danielsson.

About Silicon Vikings

Silicon Vikings has played a leading role in building the "Nordic" brand since the start in 1997.  Having roots in Silicon Valley, it was always clear to that the key to gaining market recognition in the US for the Nordics was a united brand focusing on the remarkable innovation coming out of the region.  Results show that Nordic branding efforts continue to gain recognition in the US and abroad.

Silicon Vikings was resently ranked #18 on The Euro Tech Investor Power 250. Furthermore, Silicon Vikings was ranked #7 on the Top 100 Twitter Users in Palo Alto.  

Over the years, Silicon Vikings have expanded their mission from just gaining recognition for the Nordics here in Silicon Valley to building a borderless community supporting Nordic and Baltic innovation and entrepreneurship in accordance with global best practices, with a close connection to Silicon Valley's unique and leading innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.  The focus continues to be on providing Nordic companies with the connections and information they need to succeed.

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Facts about Nordic investments in Silicon Valley:  

339 Nordic startups saw investment, totaling $1.82 billion USD in 2015.  There are approximately 220 Nordic and Baltic technology companies or organizations with a permanent base in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Out of these 140 are start-ups and 14 are venture capital funds.   

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