Dato: 15. July 2017 - 1. August 2017
Sted: Sagavoll Fokehøyskole, Gvarv, Telemark


Norgesskolen 2017 takes place July 15 - August 1. Norgesskolen is an opportunity for children ages 9 to 18 from around the world to live in Norway for 3 weeks. Students will receive Norwegian language instruction, social studies and history in the picturesque setting of Sagavoll Fokehøyskole, Gvarv, Telemark. Students enjoy exciting and unique indoor and outdoor activities and field trips, while expanding their knowledge of the Norwegian culture and scenery.


  • Offering children ages 9-18 the opportunity to learn the Norwegian language and culture in an intensive yet enjoyable environment.
  • improving language skills for students with previous knowledge of Norwegian as well as beginners, and nurturing their interest in Norwegian language and culture
  • developing the students' knowledge and interest in Norway
  • helping the students understand and explore their own Norwegian heritage and develop a network of other children from around the world with common backgrounds
  • teaching students to understand and learn about overcoming cultural barriers in a positive way
  • giving students a glimpse into the Norwegian school system

In addition to learning Norwegian the students also have time to socialize and have fun. In the afternoon there are various sports, cultural and recreational activities to choose from. The students will enjoy a talent night, camping and kayaking trips, celebrating both the 17th of May and a Norwegian Christmas in the traditional way - but in mid-July. The students will also go on a day trip to Oslo, with various programs and guided tours.

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