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The group got to see The International Space Station Flight Control Room, which is still active and in use, and the historic Apollo Era Mission Operations Control Room Floor.

Last week, The Norwegian Consulate General in Houston had the privilege and pleasure of welcoming Deputy Minister of the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, Lars Jacob Hiim to Houston. Read more

More than 80 people attended the annual, and yet again very successful, shrimp dinner in Pasedina. The event ended with coffee and cake(s), including mouthwatering kransekake and kringle!

For more than 150 years, the Norwegian Seamen’s Church has worked to establish a feeling of belonging and safety for Norwegians abroad. The church builds bridges and provides hospitality, friendship and roots. Today, there are 106 Norwegian Seamen’s Churches worldwide, of which six are located in the US. Three of these are within the district of the Consulate General in Houston: Miami, New... Read more

Generalkonsulatet i Houston tilbyr to praktikantplasser for studenter våren 2016. Søknadsfrist er 15 oktober 2015 med tiltredelse i midten av januar 2016. Read more

Mr. Stokes explaining the technical aspects of the Alaska LNG Project in a manner that was comprehensible to everyone in the audience.

The cold north is a hot topic, and arctic activity and policy is relevant as ever before. In his opening remarks of the Lunch’n Learn event August 26, (now former) Consul General Jostein Mykletun summarized the Norwegian approach to Arctic policy as follows: “our goal is to be open, transparent and integrating – and to keep the tension low”. Mr. Edward Stokes, Project Manager for the Alaska LNG... Read more

Photo: Svein Wik/NTB scanpix.

Arctic Energy: Oil and Gas Development, Geopoliticts, and Environmental Stewardship. Read more

The City of Houston’s Emergency Telehealth and Navigation-project (ETHAN) aim towards an efficient, safe and easy way of evaluating patients in the field. The goal of this high tech-project is to reduce the number of avoidable ambulance rides, to decrease the time spent on each non-emergency called in to 911, and thus save the available resources to the real emergencies and patients with critic... Read more


“Sister City Relationships can turn nations into people and contribute as no other form of communications to the humanizing of international relations”, President Eisenhower said about the importance of the Sister City program. Read more

Vi inviterer til en uformell samling for at alle skal bli kjent med noen av de fantastiske aktivitetene Houston-regionen har å tilby. I tillegg legges det vekt på nye nettverk; for barn, ledsagere og arbeidstakere. Alle er hjertelig velkommen til å bli med på arrangementet for å bli kjent med sin nye by. Read more

Like so many other countries, the US seems to be consumed in a united fitness craze. However, the Active Network Activity Cloud points out the diversities, and has ranked the different states from most to least active based on population registered for endurance activities. Read more

Representatives from BASF Corporation and Yara International breaking ground. The black and white materials symbolize the components of ammonia production.

“This gives Yara a footprint in the North American market”, said Mr. Torgeir Kvidal, President and CEO of Yara, when addressing the participants of the Yara Freeport LLC Groundbreaking ceremony. Read more

“The City of Austin Economic Development Department works to create prosperity in Austin by working with citizens, neighborhoods, and businesses in a number of ways. These efforts include working with international partners, including our partners in Norway.” Read more

The success of both Louisiana and Georgia in terms of good rankings among corporate decision makers and site selectors as attractive states for establishing business were pointed to as a source of inspiration.

“Texas is known to be a business friendly state, but until ranked as no. 1 for attracting new businesses, there is always room for improvements”, Tracye McDaniel, President and CEO of TexasOne recently said when addressing approximately 50 certified economic developers from towns and communities across the state at a Roundtable conference in Austin, Texas. The conference attendees had gathered ... Read more

“The knowledge and experience we have established through space exploration, forms the basis for a number of applications useful in other sectors”, said Dr. David Alexander, Director of Rice Space Institute at Rice University in Houston, when presenting at a recent Lunch’n Learn at Norway House. “There are multiple synergies between space and ocean creating new opportunities for the offshore,... Read more

“Had Texas been a country rather than a US state, it would rank as the 12th largest economy in the world. We have already done a good job attracting businesses to establish in Texas, and this work will continue with an increased international focus”, said Tracye McDaniel, President and CEO of the Texas Economic Development Corporation and TexasOne, when presenting at an event hosted by the Dean... Read more

Photo: © Petter Foss.

Velgere som ikke er i Norge på valgdagen for kommunestyrevalget og fylkestingsvalget den 14. september 2015, kan forhåndsstemme i utlandet fra 1. juli til og med 4. september. Dette gjelder både for velgere som er bosatt i utlandet, og velgere som oppholder seg midlertidig i utlandet. Read more

Photo: CEO of Norwegian Oil and Gas Association, Karl Eirik Schjøtt-Pedersen at the OTC Exhibition.

During four intense days, may 4-8, the 2015 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), the largest of its kind in the World, took place in Houston. With a significantly lower oil price, attendance dropped by 10% and may be a reflection of a greater need for smarter and more economical technological solutions. Read more

Earlier this year, the International Energy Agency (IEA) established a global dialogue (GOTIA) to encourage the development of advanced technology and the regulatory drivers that allow for its efficient use. Read more

Photo: Hamza El Maabdi.

On May 14, the Royal Norwegian Consulate General in cooperation with NACC, Innovation Norway, and INTSOK, staged yet another succesful "Lunch'n Learn" event at Norway House. Read more

Photo: Kerri Lohmeier. From left to right - City of Austin Economic Development Director Kevin Johns, Oslo's Vice Mayor for Cultural Affairs and Business Development, Mr. Hallstein Bjercke & Director of Oslo Business Region Fredrik Winther.

For the City of Oslo, SXSW 2015 marked an upward shift in their focus and efforts towards enhancing the City’s business -, entrepreneurship and cultural commitment with a more international approach. The City of Oslo just signed a tri-party agreement with the City of Austin and Hackney, London, with the formalization of “The Creative Cities Alliance” taking place during 2015 SXSW. Read more

Photo: Synne Øverland Knudsen 2013 - Members of Death by Unga Bunga at Varna, Moss, Norway.

This year’s SXSW Music festival hosted in Austin, TX attracted a number of Norwegian artists performing at one of the most prestigious music festivals worldwide. We connected with the band “Death by Unga Bunga” to learn more about their experience with SXSW, as well as their music career in general. Read more