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Frequently Asked Questions

10/21/2015 // Below are a number of frequently asked questions that will answer most of the usual queries we receive. Consult this section thoroughly before contacting Travisa/VFS.

  • The information on the print-out application form is wrong or misaligned, what do I do? This is a bug in the system - the information you entered will still show up when we process your application. Notify the Travisa/VFS office during the interview 


  • Do I really have to show up at the Travisa/VFS office? Can I do the interview somewhere else? As of May 15th 2014 we will collect your fingerprints during the visa interview, hence there are no exeptions to coming to the Travisa/VFS office in person. Common queries include: "I live in places like Hawaii, Alaska or Idaho and think it's too far to travel"; "I cannot afford going to San Francisco/Houston/New York"; "I have a previous Schengen Visa"; "I did not have to do this in the past"; "My trip is coming up very soon"; "I was hoping to do the interview at an honorary consulate". Though these are valid comments, due to the aforementioned reasons we cannot give an exception. All applicants for a visa or a residence permit have to appear in person at the Travisa/VFS office.


  •  Should I select 1, 2, or Multiple entry? As a rule you should apply for 1 entry with the exact dates of your travel. This will allow you to travel between all the Schengen countries similar to travel between U.S. states. If you are joining a cruise that leaves and enters the Schengen area you should pick either 2 or Multiple entries. Commonly, a cruise leaves Schengen and goes to Ireland, the UK or Russia, and then returns to the Schengen area. As a tourist you should very rarely select Multiple entry. Business travelers may apply for a Multiple entry visa if they have previously received a visa from the Norway. If so, both the letter of employment and invitation letter should reflect this request. Multiple entry visas are always given at the discretion of the visa department in New York.


  • Can I use services like HQ Visa, which promise to do everything via mail? Norway have outsourced the application process to our partner Travisa/VFS in the USA and the applicant must appear in person with them to submit documents and biometry.


  • My H1B has expired. Can I attach my H1B  approval notice and US visa appointment confirmation to my application  to fulfill the requirement for a valid US visa? No, as this document clearly states, ”this is not a valid visa”. You must have renewed your H1B before applying.


  • Can you rush my application – I have an upcoming meeting, etc? No, we do not offer rushed processing. All applications will be processed in the order they are received. Normally we will make a decision within 15 days after the interview, as long as all required documentation has been submitted.


  • How can I check the status of my application? You can check the status of your application by logging back in to the UDI Application Portal or VFS website Do not call the Consulate General in New York to check your status.


  • The booking calendar is full. - what do I do? Make sure you go through the entire registration process, including payment, as the system does not always give correct times when it notifies you of "the earliest appointment available". For urgent cases Travisa/VFS can provide you an appointment within 3 working days. Contact them directly at or by phone: 516-234-7789


  • I've tried registering on the UDI Application Portal, but have not received the registration confirmation: This problem is rare and may affect some e-mail providers (particularly sbcglobal addresses). Try checking your spam folder, wait a day or two, and/or try using a different e-mail address. Next you may contact UDI support, linked at the bottom of the portal website. After trying these steps you may contact the Consulate General in New York at


  • I'm with a group - should we schedule separate appointments? Yes, after lodging separate applications at you should schedule an appointment for each applicant at


  • How can I change my interview booking? Contact VFS helpline


  • My travel plans have changed and I've decided to withdraw my application - can I get a refund? Once you have submitted your online application in the system we do not issue refunds. We can keep an application open for up to three months if you reschedule your trip.


  • Will I get exact dates for the visa? Yes, we issue visas based on your travel dates / flight booking.


  • I made a mistake when filling out my form and now I cannot change it - what do I do? No need to notify us before your interview. Please inform the interviewing officer of your desired changes.


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